Welcome to the Diwan of Lady Ash!

Let me introduce myself – Lady Ash is my avatar back from the ancient time of old Sumer. The Lady Ash was one of the first queen in Sumer 2300 BC who has a written prove of her life. She actually participated in her husbands’ ruling and was a respected counselor.
Today Lady Ash opened her Diwan – oriental word for counsel – started this blog to share thoughts about a sustainable lifestyle in modern day city life.
One topic in my blog is a gardening project. I test the feasibility of working full time and having a garden to grow as many vegetables as possible. Some matters work other don’t. That’s part of the interventional process.

As having an economically background I don’t share the idea of infinite economic growth. Those are the other topics in my posts to share new ideas of a different lifestyle as we are used to over past 50 years. Since when the initiate growth paradigm took off in day to day economics.
I live in Germany, in Augsburg, close to Munich, where I work. The time commuting by train is my favorite time blogging.

You may find that I am a fan of history and I like to compare old or rather traditional ways of living with modern day life.

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