Preparation for Spring

Our neighborhood organize in alliance with a garden center workshops and seminars. I attended a seminar how to prepare the garden in springtime. Afterwards I was so motivated that I went into the garden, grabbed several tools. The tasks was to get rid of the weed and add some compost to the soil, and perhaps a bit of natural fertilizer. During the seminar the expert confirmed that tilling is mostly not appropriate anymore. In fact it diminishes the organic life in the soil and destroys the carbon reserves. But the solid here is very heavy with clay. Therefore it may be useful to till and enrich the soil with compost to improve the texture. Microorganism can do their work. The soil is enriched with nitrogen. I added some compost, mainly from lawn cut of last year and household garbage. Removed the weed that have grown over the mild December. I have made the veggie garden from original lawn. So I still fight a bit to keep the gras away. For cover crops I used Klee. Into the Klee coverage I will later put in the sprout I am preparing currently indoors. The weather is still too cold and frosty to grow anything outside, except carrots. These covers improve the texture of the soil and can be used to boost organic matter, surpass weed and prevent erosion. Pick the covers and use them as organic fertilizer as mulch. Some cover crops such as Austrian pea can be used in salads. Just pick the young shoots. 

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